Nurses use evidenced based practice (EBP) to guide their clinical decisions

APA formal, and in text citation must be included also

Nurses use evidenced based practice (EBP) to guide their clinical decisions.  Educators also use theory and EBP to create teaching/learning opportunities. you will select theories and models of education to support teaching and learning in one of the DCN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Option courses.  You must select a course that has a clinical component.  See the attached document for a list of courses and course descriptions.  Assume that you have classroom and lab/simulation time available on campus, as well as a clinical rotation with opportunities for patient care and/or community-based activities.

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Choose two models or theories for each mode of instruction (2 class, 2 lab, and 2 clinical) upon which you could build your learning activities.  Of the six, one must be selected from the following: self-directed, experiential, transformative, and service learning. One must be a nursing theory. You may use theories or models beyond those found in your texts. The scientific literature has several that may be interesting to you.

Choose 6 different theories/models in total.  Provide a brief summary of each and explain your rationale for choosing it, including how it specifically supports your learning goals for the course. You are not creating the specific learning activities, just researching theory to provide direction for future curriculum-building decisions.  Organize your presentation as follows:

  • Introduction – Provide a brief description of the course you have chosen, including where it falls in the curriculum, and your overall student learning goals.
  • Theories to Support Classroom Instruction
  • Theories to Support Lab/Simulation Activities
  • Theories to Support Clinical Experiences
  • Conclusion

Sources:  A minimum of four sources is required. Use any of your books as references. Find at least two additional peer-reviewed nursing journal articles.

See the rubric for grading details.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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