Mental health of most young people in the country

dBullying has become one of the most talked topic in the country. This is because it has affected the mental health of most young people in the country. This discussion will focus on bullying and its implications on youth and teenagers, the relationship between bullying and suicides,  resources used in preventing bullying. In order to understand this, one should he familiar with what bullying entails. Bullying can be physical or psychological abuse on another person and this may cause both short term and long term effects on individuals. Some of theeffs of bullying includecte social, cultural, emotional, and mental stress on victims (Li et al., 2019). It has been argued that also the people who commit bullying can also experience mental health effects. The effects have been established to be severe on the mental health of both the victims and the individuals committing bullying.

There are many forms of bullying. First, note that bullying is the use of aggressive behaviour towards another person and this may be physical or emotional abuse. The types of bullying include physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and cyber bullying. Cyberbullying has become one of the most used form of bullying today. Cyberbullying refers to intentional and repeated abuse using digital devices or mostly popular social media. Cyberbullying can take place anytime and anyplace because in today’s society, the things needed to conduct bullying is just access to digital devices such as computers or smartphones (Li et al., 2019). Cases of cyberbullying have increased in recent times and this had raised an alarm over which many young adults are being affected, mostly on their mental health. Stress and depression has been identified as some of the effects that the young adults are experiencing. One in recent times, cases of depressed teenagers have been reported and this can be traced back to bullying and mostly cyberbullying.

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Depression can lead to self harm of the victims and even the perpetrators of bullying. There is a relationship between bullying and suicide cases in the country. Different studies have found out that bullying aggravates depression , which later triggers self harm among teenagers who have been bullied before. The ability to understand the relationship between bullying and suicide is vital. This can cause confusion and the society may end up trying to prevent bullying rather than focusing on strategies of preventing suicides (Li et al., 2019).

There are resources put in place to prevent bullying. Accessing provides information on some of these resources used to prevent bullying. One important resources is PROTECTING KIDS ONLINE. This resource is aimed at protecting children, especially during recent times that cyberbullying is increasing (Hebert et al., 2021). This resource also provides education on how children can be protected online. It also focuses on educating children on how they can interact online, hence reducing the risks of cyberbullying.


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