30+ New Latin Language Extended Essay Topic Ideas

Latin language Extended Essay ideas

Latin is yet another classical language under the Language Acquisition criteria in the IB Diploma course. Without a rich knowledge base of the Latin language and culture, it may be fairly difficult to execute an extended essay on Latin Language and Literature.

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We can also go further to significantly help you complete the arduous extended essay, a point we will explain at the tail end of this blog, but first things first, here are 30 new topic ideas for your Latin language extended essay:

Latin Language Extended Essay topics

  1. The evolution of Latin pronunciation and its impact on classical texts.
  2. Comparative study of Latin’s grammatical structure and that of other ancient or modern languages.
  3. The role of Latin in the development of scientific terminology.
  4. Analyze the use of word order and sentence structure in Latin literature.
  5. A study of Latin word formation and derivation.
  6. The significance of Latin inscriptions in understanding Roman society.
  7. A comparative analysis of Latin poetry and prose.
  8. The influence of Latin on legal terminology and concepts.
  9. A linguistic analysis of the Latin of different historical periods (e.g., Classical Latin, Medieval Latin).
  10. Analyze the use of rhetorical devices in Latin speeches and oratory.
  11. Investigate the impact of Latin on the vocabulary of English and other languages.
  12. The role of Latin in medieval and Renaissance education.
  13. A comparative study of Latin and Greek as classical languages.
  14. Analyze Latin as a language of diplomacy and international communication.
  15. Investigate Latin’s role in classical rhetoric and argumentation.

We have divided them into two. Now that is Latin Language, and tasty topics to work on in your Latin Language Extended Essay. 

Now, here are the topics on Latin Literature:

Latin Literature Extended Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the portrayal of Julius Caesar in Roman literature and how it affects historical accounts.
  2. Examine the portrayal of women in Virgil’s “Aeneid” and Ovid’s “Metamorphoses.”
  3. How Oedipus Rex links to Roman literature and the role fate and destiny play in the story.
  4. Examine the similarities and differences between the themes of love and desire in Catullus’ poetry and Ovid’s “Ars Amatoria.”
  5. Greek literature’s effect on Latin poetry, with a special emphasis on authors from the Hellenistic period like Callimachus and Theocritus.
  6. Roman elegy’s depiction of sexuality and gender, with an emphasis on Propertius and Tibullus’ writings.
  7. Study the meaning of the term “metamorphosis” in Roman literature and use Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” to better understand it.
  8. Look into the works that best address the subject of slavery and freedom in Roman literature, paying close attention to “The Golden Ass” by Apuleius.
  9. Examine how Cleopatra is portrayed in works by Plutarch and Shakespeare as well as other Roman authors.
  10. Examine Ovid’s poetry’s treatment of exile and the historical setting of his exile.
  11. Elaborate the concept of the “Roman Other” in the literature of the late Republic and early Empire.
  12. Investigate the role of oratory and persuasion in the speeches of Cicero and their influence on Roman politics.
  13. Investigate the representation of death and the afterlife in Roman literature, with a focus on the “Pharsalia” by Lucan.
  14. Analyze the portrayal of women in Roman historical writings, such as Livy’s “History of Rome.”
  15. The literary depiction of the Roman Empire’s expansion and its consequences in historical texts.

You look at these topics, and they are sweet to the eyes. You want to dig in right away so bad. However, let’s not lie, a 4000-word extended essay is not entirely a bed of roses. Chances are you might tire along the way. 

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