50+ New Extended Essay Topic Ideas for Languages and Literature

Language and literature extended essay topic ideas

Languages and literature is one of the widest areas to explore in your extended essay. There are millions of books you can read and write on, and an expanse of language aspects you can look at in your extended essay.

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Here are some of the topics we assembled which you can use to build your extended essay from.

Extended Essay Languages and Literature topic ideas

  1. The use of symbolism in the works of [Author].
  2. An analysis of the evolution of language in dystopian literature.
  3. The role of women in [Author]’s novels.
  4. Exploring the themes of isolation and loneliness in classic literature.
  5. The impact of cultural diversity on language in modern literature.
  6. The portrayal of mental illness in contemporary novels.
  7. A comparative study of [Author]’s early and later works.
  8. The influence of historical events on [Author]’s literature.
  9. Analyzing the use of allegory in [Novel].
  10. The representation of identity in immigrant literature.
  11. The significance of the “Byronic hero” in literature.
  12. An examination of post-colonial literature in [Country].
  13. Analyzing the portrayal of war in [Author]’s works.
  14. The role of nature in Romantic poetry.
  15. A comparative analysis of [Play] and its film adaptation.
  16. The use of foreshadowing in mystery novels.
  17. The symbolism of the river in [Novel].
  18. A study of linguistic techniques in modern poetry.
  19. The portrayal of morality in children’s literature.
  20. Analyzing the use of unreliable narrators in literature.
  21. The depiction of love and tragedy in Shakespearean sonnets.
  22. The impact of the Beat Generation on contemporary literature.
  23. A feminist perspective on [Novel].
  24. The symbolism of the house in [Novel].
  25. A study of cultural identity in diaspora literature.
  26. The role of humor in satirical literature.
  27. A comparative analysis of [Poet]’s early and late poetry.
  28. The representation of power and authority in dystopian literature.
  29. An exploration of linguistic diversity in multilingual literature.
  30. The influence of mythology on contemporary fantasy literature.
  31. Analyzing the use of allusion in postmodern literature.
  32. The depiction of adolescence in coming-of-age novels.
  33. A comparative study of Gothic literature in different cultures.
  34. The role of memory in autobiographical literature.
  35. The portrayal of social class in Victorian novels.
  36. Analyzing the influence of [Philosopher] on existentialist literature.
  37. The representation of justice and revenge in classic plays.
  38. A study of linguistic barriers in translation literature.
  39. The symbolism of the journey in epic poetry.
  40. The use of narrative structure in modern experimental literature.
  41. Analyzing the role of the antagonist in [Novel].
  42. The portrayal of time and temporality in science fiction literature.
  43. A study of magical realism in [Author]’s works.
  44. The impact of the Harlem Renaissance on African-American literature.
  45. The representation of gender identity in LGBTQ+ literature.
  46. A comparative analysis of [Poet]’s sonnets and [Poet]’s sonnets.
  47. Analyzing the use of satire in political literature.
  48. The influence of psychology on literature in the 20th century.
  49. The portrayal of cultural clashes in immigrant literature.
  50. A comparative study of the themes of love and betrayal in [Play] and [Play].

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