In Exploring Interpersonal Communication (2nd Edition, pp.127-176) FlatWorld

Delivering a speech Summary:

Dr. Laura Penn discusses how to make your message matter.

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The first thing she does is break down the word presentation. The present portion of the presentation allows the potential speaker or presenter to be present at the moment. Dr. Penn also discusses how to avoid using filler words in your presentation, never apologize (it undermines the speaker’s credibility), and never close yourself off from the audience by crossing your arms. Your job as a speaker is to be open to your audience. Penn discusses how these habits can lead to a BAD presentation (broken and dysfunctional).

Dr. Penn describes how to deliver an effective presentation later in her presentation. This can be done by the speaker taking care of their production and remembering that the display is also a gift from the speaker to the audience. Change your mindset. Lastly, Dr. Penn discusses how public speaking is a performance.

Helpful to others:

(Penn, 2017) defines speaking as the art of effectively delivering the spoken word. For a speaker to succeed, they must create compelling content and perform it in front of an audience. A speaker should implement and fine-tune four critical elements during a public speaking performance; Dr. Penn. Penn (2017) identifies these four elements as appearance, voice, body language, and audience connection. While these are essential elements in delivering an effective speech, it is also necessary to make your main points clear, support each end, and use transitions to guide the listeners from one end to the next (McLean, 2018). By implementing all these elements, the speaker will have the necessary tools to deliver or perform an effective speech.

Helpful to Self:

One of the ways I will apply video information to my PowerPoint is by taking care of my presentation. I will do this by ensuring I give a hundred percent in my work. I will also apply the video’s information to my PowerPoint using the appearance element. My PowerPoint presentation must be clear, concise, and fluent for my audience. Finally, I will apply the video information to my PowerPoint by creating compelling content so my audience will want to stay interested in my presentation.


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Penn, L. (2017, January 23). Public Speaking: How to make your message matter | Laura Penn | TEDxHSG. YouTube.

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