30+ New Greek Extended Essay Topic Ideas

Greek language extended essay

Ancient Greek is one of the subjects offered in the IB curriculum, under the umbrella of Classical Languages. The Greek language is more than just a study area; it’s an interesting language to learn with wealths of history. You can choose to write an extended essay on Greek literature, philosophy, linguistics, and a little bit of language history, as structured below:

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Greek Literature and Philosophy:

  1. The role of mythological themes in the works of Homer.
  2. A comparative analysis of Greek tragedy and comedy in ancient theater.
  3. The portrayal of women in Greek literature: From Sappho to Euripides.
  4. Analyzing the philosophical contributions of Plato and Aristotle to Greek literature.
  5. The theme of heroism in the epic poems of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  6. Investigating the influence of Greek literature on later Western literary traditions.
  7. The concept of fate and free will in Sophocles’ tragedies.
  8. Symbolism and allegory in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”
  9. Examining how Greek mythology and literature depict the gods and other deities.
  10. The portrayal of democracy and politics in ancient Greek drama.

Language and Linguistics in Greek Literature:

  1. Investigating the evolution of the Greek language from Classical to Koine.
  2. Analyzing linguistic innovations in the works of ancient Greek poets.
  3. The influence of dialects on Greek literature: Attic vs. Doric.
  4. A comparative study of linguistic elements in different Greek literary periods.
  5. The role of metrical patterns in Greek epic poetry.
  6. Investigating wordplay and puns in Greek comedy and tragedy.
  7. The use of rhetoric and persuasion in Greek oratory and literature.
  8. Analyzing the linguistic features of ancient Greek lyric poetry.
  9. The impact of language on the portrayal of emotions in Greek literature.
  10. Investigating the influence of Greek literature on the development of the Greek language.

Comparative Literature and Reception Studies:

  1. The reception of Greek literature in Roman literature and culture.
  2. A comparative analysis of Greek and Roman epic poetry.
  3. Investigating the influence of Greek mythology on modern literature and popular culture.
  4. Analyzing the translation challenges and strategies in bringing Greek literature to a global audience.
  5. The role of intertextuality in the works of Greek authors and their influences.
  6. The representation of women in Greek literature and its reception in feminist literary criticism.
  7. Investigating the impact of Greek tragedy on contemporary theater and film.
  8. Analyzing the reception of Greek philosophical concepts in modern philosophical discourse.
  9. The portrayal of ethical dilemmas in Greek literature and their relevance today.
  10. Investigating the influence of Greek literature on the development of the Western literary canon.

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