Discuss the most effective levels of engagement that nurses can provide communities?

Discuss the most effective levels of engagement that nurses can provide communities?

I just attached two discussions to make a reply to each one. Each reply should include 200 words and a minimum of two references in APA 7 format within the last 5 years.

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Peer 1, Germina:

In order to provide the highest possible levels of involvement, registered nurses need to be able to comprehend the communities they are working with and recognize the requirements that are of the utmost importance to those communities. In addition to this, they need to cultivate relationships with members of the community and other stakeholders, and they need to be able to communicate effectively with and organize members of the community. Building trust is one of the most crucial things that nurses can do to become more involved in their communities. These relationships are the foundation upon which this trust is created. In order to build these kinds of relationships, nurses need to be able to look at communities without imposing their own values or standards on them. They also need to have the ability to listen to people of the community and comprehend the requirements and viewpoints of those individuals. Not until then will nurses be able to start establishing relationships and gaining patients’ trust. Effective communication is yet another essential component of a successful engagement. This entails being able to communicate information in a way that is not just clear and succinct but also takes into account the requirements and points of view of those who are part of the community. It is also essential to have the ability to take into account the comments and recommendations made by members of the community. Nurses have no chance of successfully engaging communities in a meaningful way unless they improve their communication skills. In addition to this, nurses need to be able to rally people of the community. This involves having the ability to motivate and inspire other people to take action on topics that are important to them in their own lives. When community members seek to find solutions to these problems, it is essential to be able to offer them resources and support in addition to our own efforts. It is only through the mobilization of members of the community that nurses have any hope of bringing about permanent change. In order to achieve the highest levels of involvement, nurses need to be able to comprehend their communities and collaborate with them in a number of different ways. They need to be able to earn people’s trust, successfully communicate with one another, and rally members of the community. The only way for nurses to have any hope of effecting a change in the communities they serve that is long-lasting is for them to do everything on this list.

Peer 2, Denise:

Nurses are considered an essential workforce in public health. Capable of carrying out each individual’s assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evolution. They are also trained and able to carry out the same process within a family and a community. To address the community’s problems, the nurse initially needs to observe the environment and diagnose the community in question. Through good data collection through observation, it is possible to identify the main problems of a given community, such as a high rate of hypertension and obesity in African American communities, for example. From the diagnosis, nurses can plan actions within the community to improve this population’s health. Within this aspect, nurses act as developers of actions such as health education, encouraging healthy eating, and regular physical activity. (Upvall & Luzincourt, 2019) They also work in the management area, addressing the problem with their superiors or competent bodies and helping to facilitate access to health services for this population. Within this framework, the nursing team sets up an action project for the community, and the implementation of the proposed activities is monitored. The nurses evaluate the results obtained within the action plan and propose replanning when necessary.

It is a continuous process of gradual improvement in the community and constant reassessment of the results obtained. As nurses are the professionals who have the most direct contact with patients, they can act as a link between government policies and the needs of communities. Acting as an advocate for their patients in search of the individual’s well-being, nurses act in a straightforward and focused way, always based on the nursing process and evidence. Another area of nursing activity is in class associations and non-governmental organizations that work within communities, such as churches, schools, and community centers. An example of this critical approach is the development of public health policies that facilitate access to primary health care through telemedicine, where rural communities or those far from large centers encounter problems in receiving the necessary health care.

Finally, nurses are vital within communities at all levels. They improve service delivery and health care outcomes, involving different institutions pursuing population improvements. Nurses profoundly affect the health and well-being of the community through prevention and health promotion, education, outreach, advocacy, and support. (Sutarsa., et al.2022)

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