Achievement of assignment outcomes allow for achievement of course learning outcomes

CWWSON NURS480 informatics scholarly paper

50% of Final Grade.

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To write a scholarly paper on an informatics topic.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Achievement of assignment outcomes allow for achievement of course learning outcomes:


1. Students will demonstrate context appropriate written, oral, and non-verbal communication skills.

3. Students will retrieve, analyze, synthesize information and solve problems using appropriate technology.


1. Integrate improvement methods to design and test changes that improve the quality and safety of healthcare. (Management of Care)

2. Justify the importance of variation and measurement in assessing quality of care. (Reduction of Risk Potential)

3. Consistently utilize patient technology, communication devices and information management to support safe processes of care. (Safety and Infection Control)

4. Effectively uphold ethical standards related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality and right to privacy. (Reduction of Risk)

5. Determine that redesign of workflow and care processes should precede implementation of care technology to facilitate nursing practice. (Management of Care)

6. Project future directions for patient care technology and information systems in health care. (Management of Care)

7. Analyze the impact of informatics in health care delivery and health care providers. (Physiological Adaptation)

DUE M 2/27 by 2359 for students in 460 Preceptorship Rotation 2 and students not in 460

DUE M 4/17 by 2359 for 460 Preceptorship Rotation 1


1. Topics may be chosen from the list or obtain approval.

2. Clearly define and describe the topic.

3. The nurse or nursing student role must be clearly defined and elaborated.

4. Examine the effect of the chosen topic on health outcomes.

5. 3 page limit (maximum) excluding Title and References.

6. Identify which course objective(s) is being met by the paper. Note this in the text field when submitting the paper. 5 pts deducted for not listing objectives.

7. Follow the writing rubric in BB and APA 7th edition format (Title, headings, References, etc).

8. Reference minimum is 1.

9. Student must check box for Safe Assign when submitting.

10. Use of the CU Writing Center is encouraged!!

Topics for Paper-This project is to be completed by due dates listed on syllabus & above. You may select a different topic, if approved by Course Director.

1. Identification, resolution, and reporting of clinical errors by students

2. The user-perspective in technology implementation

3. Technologies most likely to improve patient safety

4. Individuals held accountable for system error flaws

5. Medical Identity Theft

6. What is Big Data and why is it relevant

7. Quality Improvement and Patient Outcomes

8. Best Practices in Downtime Documentation

9. Evaluating Nursing Care Quality

10. Management of Data errors on the EHR

11. Consequences of workarounds in health care.

12. Decision-support tools that reduce the caregiver’s workload

13. Decision-support tools and healthcare outcomes

14. Information technology in health care and effects on patient outcomes.

15. Relationship between informatics and reimbursement

16. Future of Nursing Informatics

17. Cybersecurity Issues

18. Role of Telehealth in nursing

19. Electronic Health Record Implementation in Rural Regions

20. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

21. Use of Clinical Guidelines

22. Use of informatics in healthcare promotion

23. Limitations of computerized clinical monitoring

24. Patient safety and the role of informatics

25. Do decision support tools impact on critical thinking

26. Informatics competencies for BSN

27. Sensitivity of personal health data and ethics

28. Identify challenges for the nurse with new technology

29. Reduction of risk and role of informatics

30. How does digital technology impact healthcare communication.

31. Health Information Safety and Security

32. Healthcare Literacy and Patient Outcomes

33. Technology and the effect on Health Behaviors

34. Nursing use of computerized clinical decision support system in practice

35. Data errors in the Electronic Health Record

Grading Rubric:

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